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HobbitCon 2014 22/xx

Tuesday, 7:45AM, the Kitchen (Perpetual Coming Out)
  • Mitchell: I have to go to work.
  • Anders: Have a nice day. *kisses him*
  • Mitchell: You too....... *sighs*
  • Anders: What's the matter ?
  • Mitchell: Nothing important.
  • Anders: You're lying. What happened ? I feel it has something to do with your job at the hospital.
  • Mitchell: *nods*
  • Anders: You're boss is being a dick, is that it ? I know bosses can be assholes, I am one myself.
  • Mitchell: No, it has nothing to do with my boss. More with my colleagues in fact.
  • Anders: They're giving you shit, they insulted you ? Tell me who i have to punch and I'll do it !
  • Mitchell: I appreciate your willingness to defend my honor but nobody insulted me... yet.
  • Anders: What do you mean ?
  • Mitchell: ...
  • Anders: John, it's 8 AM, i didn't have my coffee yet and my brain is not fit enough to play guessing games so why don't you just tell me what's going on?
  • Mitchell: Never mind, it's silly.
  • Anders: Just tell me. I won't laugh.
  • Mitchell: You're never good at keeping that kind of promises.
  • Anders: Something is obviously upsetting you, I don't see anything funny in it.
  • Mitchell: *sighs* It's just that... my colleagues.... they don't know about.... you and me. Me being with a man...
  • Anders: But it's been a year you work at the hospital. You never told them anything ?
  • Mitchell: Well... there is two nurses who tried to ask me out and I had to told them I was seeing someone else but that's all I told them. I guess they think I have a girlfriend.
  • Anders: *slightly hurt* Are you... are you ashamed of being with a man, of being with me ?
  • Mitchell: NO ! No, baby ! *run a hand in Anders' hair* Of course not ! Don't think that ! *kisses him on the forehead*
  • Anders: I don't understand. You don't have any problem of taking my hand when we're walking in the park or to kiss me in front of my brothers but you can't tell the poeple you work with...
  • Mitchell: Poeple at the park are strangers, and your brothers, well, they already know about us, you told them yourself. At the hospital, poeple come and go, some leave, some are hired. It's what sucks the most with not being straight: you meet new poeple and you have to come out all over again.
  • Anders: You told them nothing for a year, why does the fact they don't know is bothering you now ? What changed ?
  • Mitchell: I don't know... I think that I just want to talk about it like it wasn't a big deal. You know what I mean ? You never know how poeple will react. If I was with a woman, it would be so simple to talk to anybody. I could be like "oh yeah! and you don't know what my girlfriend did last week ?... blahblahblah", but no, I can't talk casually about my love life. I can't join conversations about domestic stuff without eliciting a truck load of awkward questions, suspicious glares, disbelief or at best, creepy fascination. Sometimes I just wish my life was more... normal. I can't tell a bunch of nurses during the break, " And you don't know what Anders did last week? Yeah, Anders, my wonderful boyfriend and the love of my very long life. The only man who is not afraid of sleeping next to a vampire night after night."
  • Anders: *smiles* Obviously you can't tell them you're a vampire but I don't mind if you tell them about me as your boyfriend. You shouldn't be afraid. Poeple who are tolerant will stick around and won't mind if you talk about your love life, assholes who can't stand it will stay away and talk shit behind your back, but if you ignore them it will be fine.
  • Mitchell: You bear others' contempt better than I do.
  • Anders: Only because I have practice.
  • Mitchell: I don't know how to bring up the subject. With Annie and George it was easy... they knew me well, i didn't have to say anything, they kind of knew it all along.
  • Anders: Well, if i remember it correctly, you told Rose, that girl at the hospital, that you cried at the end of Moulin Rouge. *smirks* So I guess they are already suspecting what's going on with you.
  • Mitchell: What are you insinuating, Anders Johnson ?
  • Anders: Nothing, nothing. I'm kidding, honey. *walks toward Mitchell and take him in his arms* Is it really that first talk with them that makes you nervous?
  • Mitchell: *leans in the embrace* Yes.
  • Anders: Your first break is at 10:30, right ?
  • Mitchell: Yeah, why ?
  • Anders: You'll see. *kisses him softly* Now go to work or you'll be late.
  • _____________________________________________
  • Tuesday, 10: 30AM, Auckland's Hospital's parking
  • _____________________________________________
  • Jessie : I told Jimmy he couldn't eat the dog's ball because it wasn't food and he cried for 30 minutes because I wouldn't let him eat it.
  • Mitchell: *chuckles*
  • Laura: Yeah, kids sometimes...
  • Anders: Good morning everybody !
  • Mitchell: An...Anders ? What are you doing here?
  • Anders: You seemed a bit down this morning, just pop by to see if you were okay.
  • Mitchell: You brought me... flowers ?
  • Anders: *hands him a bunch of daisies* Yeah, I thought it would cheer you up.
  • Mitchell: *blushes* Thanks. That's very nice of you.
  • Anders: *to Mitchell's colleagues* I'm Anders, Mitchell's partner. *he shakes their hands* It's nice to finally meet you all. *Bragi's voice:* Mitchell and I live together and we love each other, but if you have a problem with that, go away now and never talk about it again. Oh and, by the way, stop trying to ask him out, he's not interested and he's mine. Are we clear on this ?
  • The Nurses: *nod*
  • Anders: Great !
  • Mitchell: *whispers in Anders' ear* Was the last part really necessary ?
  • Anders: *whispers back* No, but it felt good. *to the nurses* I have to go back to work. I wish you all a very good day. It's been a pleasure. *to Mitchell* See you tonight, handsome ! *plants a quick kiss on his cheek*
  • Mitchell: Yeah, see you later! *waves at Anders as he gets in his car*
  • Laura: Wow! Mitchell! Why didn't you tell us about your boyfriend !?
  • Jessie: He's very handsome I must say! Good work there, Mitchell!
  • Rose: There is something about his voice...
  • Ginny: You're really adorable together. How did you meet you two?
  • Mitchell: *smiles* It's a funny story actually....
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Dean O’Gorman, “The hobbit the desolation of smaug Berlin premiere” 

 photo by SabrinaList

Dean O’Gorman, “The hobbit the desolation of smaug Berlin premiere” 

 photo by SabrinaList

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"Confessor, I did terrible things."

Legend of the Seeker 1x17 l Carver Dunn

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this is really well done

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